The Accompanying Project is a child-centred APS mentoring and befriending approved supplierprogramme working in partnership with primary schools to support vulnerable children through the transition to secondary school.  The project uses mentoring, group work, positive activities and transition support to deliver on its outcomes of building self-confidence, social skills and resilience to change, raising aspirations and realising greater equality of opportunity.

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A short film made by a primary school pupil who has been part of the Accompanying Project:

The vision: To see children and young people be all they can be.

The Aims

  • To build positive and meaningful relationships with children and young people that make a positive difference now and in the future
  • To provide consistent support to the child through times of transition and challenge in childhood

Who will benefit?

Those who will benefit are vulnerable children at risk of a difficult transition to secondary school which could negatively affect their opportunities and achievement at secondary school.  Vulnerabilities include poor social skills, behaviour, low academic achievement and a difficult home life. The children are identified by the primary school, aged 10-11, in year 6 and heading towards the transition to secondary school.

How will they benefit? – The Outcomes

  • Increased self-esteem and self confidence
  • Expanded friendships – increased confidence in existing and new friendships
  • The child having less concerns about life in and outside school
  • The child causing less concern to parents/carers and teachers
  • The child showing a greater interest in school
  • Having gone through the transition; that they are adapting well to new routines
  • Improved attendance at school
  • Improved academic attainment

How it works in practice

In consultation with the local school and parents/carers (where possible) a child is referred to the project.  A worker is then appointed to work with the child.   The delivery of the Accompanying Project involves a one to one session each week in school time.  During the intervention the worker will also bring children being worked with together and deliver group work to build skills and confidence in this area. Furthermore, during the year the worker will attend (as invited) other ad hoc events such as school plays, Christmas lunches and sports days to support the child.  Finally, the worker supports the transition process to secondary school.   The commitment made to the child is for one year which takes the child into secondary school.  The support is reviewed at this point involving the school, the worker and the child to decide whether to continue the intervention and if so what that looks like. The project is currently delivered in primary schools across Bath including; St. Philip’s Primary School, St. Saviour’s, Larkhall, St. Batheaston Primary, Oldfield Park Junior School and Roundhill Primary School.

The Regenerate Schools Project in Yate also delivers the Accompanying Project at Abbotswood Primary School and we deliver the project in a couple of schools in Wiltshire too.

How much does it cost?

The project costs Bath YFC £1250 per pupil, per year.  However as a charity we benefit from trust funding and charitable donations and are able to subsidise the intervention.  The cost to the school would be negotiable but typically between £500-£750 per pupil.

The view of a head teacher

“The work of Bath YFC and its ‘Accompanying Project’ has had a massive impact upon not only vulnerable individual children, but the school as a whole.  The support from the Bath YFC mentors that some of our most vulnerable children have received has been invaluable in raising their self-esteem and confidence – which has had a resultant effect upon their studies.  Furthermore, the school has welcomed the input by Bath YFC as a whole as well as the activities that they have undertaken (especially the cooking!).  I am looking forward to further links and support with Bath YFC and both the children and I are grateful for the support.”

(Mr Dave Goucher – Head Teacher, Oldfield Park Junior School, Bath)