Could you help get involved in changing the lives of young people?

Bath Youth for Christ only works because of the people involved. People who give time, money and other resources to helping make it happen. We want to take good news to more young people but to do so we need more people to get involved. With this in mind the three main ways you could help (Prayer, Volunteering and Donating) are outlined below. If you think you might be able to help or have questions, then please feel free to call or email us we would love to hear from you.


The work of Bath YFC is underpinned by lots of people around the city who are praying for the children and young people in Bath, the schools, the Bath YFC team and our work. If you would like to join this team please email us and tell us your name and contact details and we will make sure we send / email you the relevant information about Bath YFC.


Bath YFC projects rely on a team of very committed volunteers. Some are working on projects weekly, others every other week and some once a month. If you want to give some time (and time is probably the most sacrificial thing a person can give in our busy world) then we would love to hear from you. It is our aim to be professional so we operate according to Safer Recruitment guidelines. This may sound daunting but is really about allowing you the opportunity to see if you really want to get involved, and us the opportunity for getting to know you so we can find the best project or work for your gifts. If you want to find out more then get in touch by calling 01225 336055 or click here to email.

The view of a volunteer

“I just wanted to say that it was a massive privilege to be part of such an amazing project. The job i will be starting is a classroom support assistant at Three Ways school which came as a result of going into the school to help with the transition of the girl i was accompanying from St.Michael’s. Thank you again for the opportunity.”

Leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy to Bath YFC will help the work continue for years to come, enabling Bath YFC to make a difference to lives of future generations of young people.  If you are interested in leaving a gift in your will towards the work of Bath YFC then please get in touch with the Bath YFC office for more information and / or click here to download our leaflet on leaving a legacy to Bath YFC.

Making Donations

Bath YFC is a self funding and autonomous charity (we do not receive any money from the Youth for Christ head office). This means we are reliant on the generous people, churches and trusts who give us money. We do fundraise for specific projects, however ideally all ongoing costs are funded by the regular giving of our donors. The work is growing, the staff team is growing and hence the donations need to continue to grow to sustain this work. If you feel able to give something, whether this be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or a one-off gift, that would be brilliant and we would love to hear from you.

  • You can call or email us
  • Click here to download our giving form, fill it out and send it in to the office address.
  • Click here and give via the Bath YFC account

 What impact would my money have?

• £5 a month over the course of a year funds four hours of mentoring a young person in a school.

 £10 a month over the course of a year enables us to put on a course of six sessions of Life Academy in a school for six weeks or carry out 12 school assemblies.

 £25 a month over the course of a year pays for Bath YFC to rent a space to run a youth project.

• £40 a month over the course of a year pays to put on a youth cafe evening every week during term time for a whole year.

To make a donation please hit the donate button at the top of the page
You can download our giving form by clicking here