Would you like to be part of a team making change in the lives of children in Cape Town during summer 2017?

Bath YFC is leading a small team to Elsiesriver from 30th June – 11th July 2017. To find out more you can download information below:

The Information

The Application Form

Please get in touch if you have questions. Email us here.

Check out the Pinnacle Youth Project website for more information by clicking here.

Download the Pinnacle Youth Project Outreach Flyer by clicking here.

Pinnacle Youth Outreach is a brilliant project based in a community called Elsiesriver in Cape Town and is run by a worker supported by Bath YFC called Jerome Hartley. The relationship between Bath YFC and Pinnacle has a very organic feel, as the initial seed of an idea to get involved that was being sown in 2006 has grown from short-term visits both ways to currently being able, in partnership with a couple of local churches, to fund Jerome’s work with the local young people struggling to deal with issues such drug and alcohol addiction and gang culture. They also run a football project and soup kitchen among others things.  Watch the film above to find out about the impact of Jerome’s work.

In September 2009 and 2013 Jerome and his team have visited Bath to share stories of their work from Elsiesriver in Bath secondary schools and churches. They also received training around the areas of working with drug addictions, strategy development and fundraising and got to experience different youth work projects run around the city. The relationship is as strong as ever and the hope is that we can continue to develop the link with further visits both ways in what is a mutually beneficial link. You can find out more by going to their website.

If you would like to find out more or get involved with the project please email us