Bath YFC currently supports the delivery of a youth drop-in in Bathford and delivers other such spaces in Southdown.  Each youth cafe provides young people with a safe social space to hang out with friends.  Whilst each youth cafe will be slightly different they will all have space to relax and activities to enjoy.  Those activities will include such things as a a games console, pool table, air hockey and table tennis.

Youth drop-in spaces will be opportunities to engage in different activities with opportunities to learn new skills.  This could include things like cooking and gardening as well as art workshops and sports activities.  Furthermore, the experienced and trained staff are always there to be a listening ear and talk through different issues faced by young people.

Values that underpin each youth cafe include:

  • A warm welcome
  • Social space just to chill out
  • A listening ear and advice if young people want it
  • A space to have fun with friends
  • Young people involved in making decisions about what their youth cafe looks like

Would you like to have a youth cafe in your community?

If you are interested in setting up and running a youth cafe, Bath YFC is happy to help.  Whether you are a local community group or local church, we can help with the planning, training of volunteers and putting the right policies and processes in place.  For more information call the Bath YFC office and speak to Luke.

Key information about the youth cafes:

  • Bathford Youth Club: Mondays 7-8.30pm for years 7 and above at St. Swithun’s Bathford, £2 entry (click here for Google map location)