Youth ministry needs to be at the heart of church strategy

These 9 things are not an exhaustive list but inspired by our audit into youth work in Bath and our research Shaping Church to Disciple Young People they are:

  1. Include youth ministry in leadership meetings – on the agenda if there is one
  2. Invite the lead worker or volunteer to report back to at least 2-3 leadership meetings each year
  3. Include young people and the youth work team in strategic decisions – whether they are about youth work directly or not e.g. building projects, church leader recruitment
  4. Offer some support or line management meetings for workers whether volunteers or youth workers
  5. Church leaders should attend and even lead some youth work each year – this will be good for church leader, their relationships with young people and the workers. It often happens in small churches but less so in larger settings. That is not a good excuse.
  6. Resource youth ministry well and it will have a positive impact
  7. Set a youth work budget and let the volunteers / workers decide how it is spent
  8. Put praying for young people as a priority for the whole church
  9. Review youth ministry, celebrating the past year and looking ahead to the next year, EVERY YEAR.