At the end of October most of the team said, ‘good-bye’ to the young people we have accompanied through the move from primary to secondary school. In the last year we have support 23 children in Bath through the Accompanying Project. What you may be less aware of is that beyond Bath the project is also growing so that in total, working in partnership with other organisations and groups, we have supported about 50 children through school transition in the last year. How is this happening you may ask?

The last year has seen the launch of several new hubs of delivery near and far. Locally we have trained and equipped a team in Twerton and Melksham, rather further afield we have now trained up a team at Haverhill Youth for Christ (in Cambridgeshire) who will be starting to deliver this work in a local school in November. In addition to this we have have further enquiries from a few other possible hubs. This is unexpected and exciting so please do pray for the work as we seek to follow God’s leading in these opportunities. If you are interested in finding out more about what it means to be a hub or about the project itself please do check out the Accompanying Project website here.

In November the Bath team will begin working with a new group of children so we would value your prayers that good relationships will be nurtured, and that the work will enable these young people to make the best possible transition to secondary school.