For young people sex and relationships can be areas where they struggle and face pressures as they go through those formative teenage years. Life Academy, set up by Rachel Gardner, and featured on a documentary No Sex Please We’re Teenagers. Now an accredited romance academy, Bath YFC can deliver this programme in schools, churches or youth clubs.

The course addresses the underlying causes of risky youth behaviour such as poor self-esteem, low aspirations and lack of positive family/community life by promoting the value of stable relationships through the unique 12-week intervention course. Our aim is to give the young people the tools to make intelligent choices around sex and relationships. The more young people Bath YFC work with, the more it has become apparent that young people need a space where they are able to talk about sex and relationships.

Would you like to run a Life Academy?

If you are a teacher, church leader, youth worker, parent or just someone else keen to see this programme delivered in your community, school or church then please get in touch with Dave at the Bath YFC Office to find out more about the nature of the course, costs and how we could work with you.

Funded with support from Bath Abbey and the Diocese of Bath & Wells Fund for Church Growth.