Some young people need extra support APS mentoring and befriending approved supplierto help them through their time in school, whether this is to help them work through something specific or just be a positive role model, Bath Youth for Christ workers are able to help. Bath Youth for Christ currently works in five schools in Bath providing mentoring support for pupils.

Our way of working is to meet with the young person weekly to build a positive and meaningful relationship between the worker and pupil that can help make a difference. This means the nature of this work varies according to the young person involved and can range from just sitting and chatting to a gardening project. To date our workers have used football, film making, model making, gardening, cooking, fundraising and board games amongst other things as vehicles for working one to one with young people in schools. We work in partnership with the school concerned to identify young people who could benefit from this kind of support.

Comments from young people when asked what difference it had made to them include:

– “I have enjoyed it and it has made me happier in school.”

– “It has helped me a lot with my behaviour.”

– “I can get things off my chest that I can’t talk about to someone but him (the Bath Youth for Christ worker).”

Here is the full script of an email sent from the mother of one of the boys we have mentored.

“My feeling is that Dave was introduced to my son when home and school life were difficult. He had experienced different avenues of outside support and felt sceptical and non forthcoming about a new person being introduced to him. Although Dave’s role was primarily to aid my son in his transition back into mainstream school, it also being the first year of secondary education, Dave’s involvement proved to be undeniably a positive influence on him through art, activity & Dave’s amazing interaction, encouragement, building trust & making my son feel so comfortable…He found a friend in Dave.

My son was sorely disappointed when their work came to an end. Recent events in my son’s life have called for further support to be put in place for him, through a chance and perfectly timed phone call from Dave to see how he was doing, Dave further offered his time to my son. He had already declined quite firmly that he wanted no support from any professionals although as soon as I mentioned Dave he was excited and enthusiastic. Dave is wonderful at putting my son at ease, gaining his trust and at the same time making the time spent together interesting and fun. 

I cannot thank Dave enough for his continued time, support and commitment to us as a family. “

If you would like to find out more information about our mentoring whether you are a young person who would like to be mentored or a school, church or organisation that would like Bath Youth for Christ to deliver some mentoring then please contact us. Click here to get in touch now.