Work in schools is at the heart of what we do. We work in both primary and secondary schools across Bath. Currently, the secondary schools we work in on a weekly / regular basis are Hayesfield Girls School, Ralph Allen School, Kingswood School and St Mark’s School. The primary schools we work in weekly include St. Philip’s Primary School, Roundhill Primary School, St. Andrew’s Primary School, Batheaston Primary, St.Saviour’s Junior School and Oldfield Park Junior School. We also support the delivery of the Accompanying Project at St. Michael’s Junior School.

Our focus in secondary schools is mentoring work, chaplaincy work and lessons and assemblies.

In primary schools we deliver assemblies and the Accompanying Project.

When asked to reflect on what difference the schools work makes, Katie Little – our schools worker, wrote the following, which gives you an insight into what she is doing.

“Working in Ralph Allen is such a joy, the pastoral team are so passionate about helping and supporting the young people within their school. It makes it so much easy to work along side a team so on the ball. I have really enjoyed working with year 11 girls in particular this year, to encourage them through the midst of pre GCSE stress. It has definitely taken me back to when I did mine, and the struggles I faced – all GCSE students have my upmost empathy in this season!! In the led up to Christmas I am to be a happy distraction for them, with lots of great Christmas related activities, to remind them there is more to life than GCSE revision. With anxiety and worries through the roof – the girls have said they have found it really encouraging to hear that there is more to life than GCSE’s, that they don’t define the person that they become. That is not to say don’t work hard towards them and give the exams 100%, but that the results aren’t the make or break. Life is about so much more than exam results, and Christmas is the perfect distraction to have fun. Wishing all the best of luck and a very merry Christmas!”