Dave, Katie, Lisa, Chris and Sam are doing an amazing job of gathering, equipping and training the Mexico 2019 Team for the Amor trip in July of this year. James had the privilege of going along to facilitate a session on ‘being team’. During the time together we considered what makes a great team. Those who attended did all the hard work and had some great ideas about what is important in a team; trust, honesty, thoughtfulness, knowing others’ strengths, pulling your weight, communication and respect. What a fantastic list!

The team were then split into three teams and challenged to build a bridge upon which a heavy soup bowl could be placed. The raw materials were marshmallows, cocktail sticks, midget gems and spaghetti! There was lots of energy, some very inventive solutions and some great team work!

Finally, we gathered together to consider how Nehemiah brought a team together, how he, empowered by what God had put on his heart, developed, led and equipped the Israelites to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in 66 days! Like the Israelites all those years ago, this is a very mixed team in age and background and there was a real sense at the meeting of God brining this group together and equipping them for the task ahead.

The fundraising continues to go well. The group are heading towards their targets. If you would like to help them, you can click this link and put a reference of ‘Mexico’ to make a donation. Please do pray for the ongoing work to shape the team, fundraise and then for the trip itself as the group go and build a house for a family in Mexico.