“I enjoyed meeting new people, having a chance to lead and support from YFC” (Young Leader from latest course)

Empowerment is one of the Bath YFC values and we believe in helping young people achieve their potential. Our vision is to see more young people leading. The YLS is for young people aged 15-19 who have expressed an interest in youth work, leadership and developing skills within a youth work context.

The aim of the YLS is to encourage, equip and empower young people to lead so that they will:

  • Have opportunities to lead within the work of Bath YFC or another setting
  • Grow in self confidence
  • Develop as young leaders
  • Gain new skills

The programme is for young people of faith or no faith. However, if the young people have a faith then the YLS will be a great course for helping them move forward in their discipleship journey as it will help young people consider how they put their faith into action.

If you are interested in the scheme then there is more information below. Please also feel free to contact James at the Bath YFC office to find out more.

Support, Reward and Recognition through YLS

  • Induction to role by Bath YFC staff worker to go through role description and give time for questions
  • Brief informal progress chat between Bath YFC staff worker and young person each term
  • Basic youth work training
  • Three reflective gatherings of all young leaders
  • Certificate awarded to young leaders
  • Celebration meal for all young leaders
  • Bath YFC YLS Hoodie

YLS Key information

  • Consent – Young people (U18) will need to have parental/guardian consent to join the YLS
  • Commitment – Young people will be expected to commit to the programme, the placement and the meetings to reflect as a group
  • Placement – All young leaders will need to be placed within a project
  • Mentor – All young people will have a youth worker supporting them through the YLS