In January 2018 British Youth for Christ launched its new branding. Over the next few months this is trickling down to centres across the country. You will see on this email our new Bath Youth for Christ logo. The logo ‘Y’ brings together the heart of what we are about, love and young people. We will also be talking about Youth for Christ, rather than ‘YFC’. A desire to be bold with our name and recognise that ‘YFC’ has often been confused with the Young Farmers Club or even Fried Chicken takeaways! Our hope and prayer are that this will not simply be a branding exercise but will be part of shaping our identity as an organisation which is about seeing young people changed by Jesus as we continue to take the good news relevantly to young people in Bath. You can find out more about the national picture at Please note there may be a few stages as we move over to new branding a a few glitches along the way, but we will get there.