Bath Youth for Christ has worked with young people since the late 1970s. We love young people. We believe God loves young people. Over the years we have run a youth night club, detached youth work, a skate project and youth cafes. We continue run lots of projects for young people. You can find out more about them in this part of the website. They include:

Here Chris, one of our youth work team, reports on the change in one young person’s life as a result of being part of one of our projects.

“Over the last 6 months we’ve seen a real positive change in the life of one of the young people we work within Motus Dance Academy. His outlook on life is so much more positive and his confidence has really grown. By offering weekly contact, being available within sessions to chat and listen to him we uncovered that he was more and more anxious about school, friendships and his opinion of himself to the point of him self-harming. We really made a point of encouraging him when possible deepening our relationship with him, looking for opportunities for him to engage with other youth projects in the area and working with his parents to make sure we were supporting him as much as we could. He went with a group of young people to a youth event in the summer and came back with real positivity; for this first in a long time looking forward to things again. He is now not as worried about school, although still finds it stressful at times, and is no longer self-harming, feeling a lot better in himself!”